Gatschhof Völs am Schlern

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d.federer PROJECTS I ABOUT HORIZON  //CONCEPT FOR A NEW ART SCHOOL UNION My concept for the new art school union is inspired by the meaning of the Horizon. The Horizon is an imaginary line that is perceived individually. It is also something remote, stimulating our desire to discover and our curiosity. We can walk towards it, will never …

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Sphere of the wandering Thoughts

d.federer PROJECTS I ABOUT SPHERE OF THE WANDERING THOUGHTS The structure is located on the University Campus and provides a place for students to escape from their stressful everyday life and reset their mind. The experience in the space relies on principles of meditations, such as breathing, relaxation and focusing in order to reduce stress. The centre …

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Body Building

d.federer PROJECTS I ABOUT Body Building was a 5 week long project that challenged us every week to critically explore the human body and its relationship with space in a creative way.    // WEEK 1: PERFORM How do we occupy space? For this photography based group project we walked around our local city Dundee, looking out …

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