Sphere of the wandering Thoughts



The structure is located on the University Campus and provides a place for students to escape from their stressful everyday life and reset their mind. The experience in the space relies on principles of meditations, such as breathing, relaxation and focusing in order to reduce stress. The centre of the building and of the visitor’s attention is a sand fountain. The sand from the fountain falls down on to a glass table, which can be used as a drawing canvas. The drawing and creating process should shift the focus into the current moment, away from the worries and confusing thoughts of everyday life. Once the sand drawing is completed, the visitor can take a seat on the wooden bench and observe how the drawing slowly disappears again through newly falling sand.

This process of creation, observation, and dispersion is influenced by Buddhistic sand mandala ceremonies, where monks create sand mandalas as part of their meditations. 


Scale 1:25


Scale 1:25, 

Materials: Metal, Wire, MDF, Plexiglas, Cardboard


Some pages of my sketchbook that show design development and research (click on images for full size view)

Inspired by Ernesto Neto’s work, I aim to create a sensual experience. The sound of the falling sand, the feel of it and the play of the light within the walls stimulate our senses and help to reset our mind. The materials I chose support this experience but also create a calming environment, a space for reflection and relaxation. The roof of the building is made out of glass and surmounted mounted by a sculpture which symbolically creates a connection between the ground and the sky; a gate where our confusing thoughts can leave our mind.

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